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Techtouch focuses on increasing aerobic fitness and overall physical strength through ball mastery, strength and conditioning, and speed and agility. 


Success on the soccer field is more mental than physical. Our training builds awareness and confidence through repetition and creative exploration.  


Our training focuses on individual technical development. Ball Mastery and 1v1 soccer skills are the keys to long term development. Techtouch focuses on ball mastery, repetition and skill technique.


Techtouch creates repetition through ball mastery, footwork, and high-pressure situations to create a fun, creative environment for players to grow and flourish on the field.  



JJ Brown

Barcelona Residency Academy in Casa Grande

Andy has been coaching me for about 6 years now and because of the extensive technical training, his knowledge of the game, and his ability to build work ethic and passion for developing players, I’ve been able to place top 3 in the US National Technical Championship and play for the Barça Residency Academy in Casa Grande, Arizona, alongside many other accomplishments. As a result of his leadership and training, I’ve been able to take my game to the next level.


Addie Turnock

Castle High School - Marian University 

Andy has helped develop me as a player. Andy is a very passionate coach that wants the best for his players. He builds character and work ethic that helped me continue my soccer career at Marian University. Andy is a great coach with a lot of experience building successful players. 


Michael Lonnberg

Castle High School - Truman State University 

From the moment I first took lessons from Andy my soccer career took a drastic turn. I had always enjoyed soccer, but had never quite been able to stand out on the field as much as I’d hoped. After training with Andy my technical ability improved astronomically. With his help I was able to become a far better player, allowing me to become a First Team All-Conference, First Team All-Region, and First Team All-State player in high school. Alongside these awards Andy’s training helped mold me into a Division 2 NCAA college soccer player, thus allowing me to obtain a lifelong dream. Choosing Andy as my trainer is one of the best decisions I made for my soccer career. I would never have achieved nearly as much without his help.


Elyssa Francis

Memorial High School - Bellarmine University 

I trained with Andy for several years, including the entirety of my high school career. He helped me develop knowledge and skills that I have carried with me into my college career that have allowed me to play at the Division 1 level and be named an All-Conference goalkeeper in every season played along with many other accolades. Without his expertise and ability to push me to my full potential, I would not be the player I am today. The day I began working with Andy was the day my soccer career was elevated to a level beyond my expectations.


Vince Lombardi 

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